Your Body wants to be Noticed!

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Your Body wants to be Noticed!

“Love every inch of you – every cell, every organ.”

The truth is that our body is much wiser than our mind. Our body will hold onto physical pain until we listen to it, say hello and attend to it. When we tune into our bodies we often discover pain hiding in our shoulders, hips, lower back or chest.

We’ve been entrained as a society that pain is “bad” so we reach for pills, cigarettes, food or alcohol to sooth or numb our physical discomfort. Then we forget about our discomfort because we have fooled the mind into thinking we are OK.

But pain is not bad. Our physical body is a wise teacher and wants us to be happy. Pain is in our bodies to serve us and help us grow. Our job is to move through the pain with breathe, movement, sacred touch and nurturing so we can leave discomfort behind. Where does your pain hang out?

Begin to discover the wisdom in your body by getting acquainted with your discomfort. Sit in a comfortable chair. Take at least 3 deep breaths, in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Now, notice what areas of your body seem tense, tight or uncomfortable. Breathe into the pain and say hello.

This exercise is about noticing where tightness and pain has lodged itself in your body – It’s NOT about getting rid of it. Listen deeply to your body’s message. It’s okay if nothing happens. Awareness is the key toward change.

How did you attend to your body today?

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