Sacred Ceremonies

What if you could shift your event from great to amazingly powerful? When two or more come together in Sacred Ceremony with a focused intention the energy or frequency of the group increases exponentially. The ordinary becomes extraordinary, which I call Magic.

Ritual simply put means “a repeated act.” Sacred rituals or Ceremonies create the space to focus on what is important to us. In ritual, we make commitments, forgive, show appreciation, honor community and reinforce our beliefs.We open ourselves to positive change.

Ceremonies for Business and Spiritual Events

Sacred Ceremony for opening and closing Business and Spiritual events strengthen the community and personal experience by:

Dot Claire is skilled at creating a powerful circle for women who want to move into a higher vibration. With her calm, positive energy, she sets the intention so that everyone can release what has been blocking them. I immediately felt lighter and so invigorated and was easily able to shift some HUGE blockages. Thank you, Dot, for making this possible!
Annie P

Space Clearing for Events

Space clearing for events raises the vibration and energy of the environment, the presenter and the participants. When our surroundings are cleared of unseen and heavy energy an atmosphere of receptivity and openness is created where magic can unfold.

“When I arrived at our location for my Ascended Masters event the conference room was a disaster and the energy was chaotic. Dot energetically cleared the room. After that clearing the space felt calmer and energized for us to begin our event. Participants could focus and be present immediately.”
Shirlene R

Life Transition Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies support the challenges of change… health challenges, divorce, death of a loved one, pet or job losses and even relocation.
Sacred rituals are a way to honor the past move forward and celebrate new beginnings. They help us get unstuck and be at peace with what is.

“The ritual and going away party I had with my California community was a rich way to celebrate and honor my present friendships. I felt supported and encouraged as I journey into the next phase of my life. The celebration was rich and uplifting. I truly felt honored and loved.” `
Sumaya O

Altars for Sacred Circles

Altars have the power to anchor intentions, connect participants with Spirit and provide meaning for your gathering.
Simple altars like a lite candle at a gathering can anchor and enhance your desired outcome of an event.

If you have a any questions, contact Dot.