Sacred Ceremony and Ritual

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Sacred Ceremony and Ritual

Leave what you’ve been to become what you can be. Spirit flows through you and through what you do in the world.”~ Dot Claire

Ritual simply put means “a repeated act.” Sacred rituals create the space to focus on what is important to us. In ritual, we make commitments, forgive, show appreciation, honor community and reinforce our beliefs. Every day, whether we realize if or not, we are doing rituals of some kind.

Sacred ceremony and ritual help us:

Step into the present moment
Create meaning out of our messy life
Be grateful for our life
Embrace change with more ease
Take action
Be at peace with what is

Author and visionary Carolyn Casey describes ritual as the means whereby we bring a story to life. “If myth is breath, then ritual is the act of breathing…We connect with something larger than ourselves when we perform ritual”

Rituals have guided me through many transitions. They have given me hope, a way to release the past and welcome new beginnings. Ritual is in my bones: a part of every day living just like brushing my teeth in the morning.

Clear—Create—Celebrate is the secret sauce for living in balance, especially during the turbulence of our messy storms. All three ingredients support transformation in every step of the CREATIONS formula.

The three C’s are a major element in sacred ceremony and ritual:

Clear… the mind, body and environment so you can be present to the moment.
Create… clarity of vision or intention so magic and miracles can unfold.
Celebrate…with a community of wise women expressing gratitude in prayer, song, dance and nourishment.

When two or more come together in ceremony with the intention of celebrating a transition, the energy or frequency of the group increases exponentially. The ordinary becomes extraordinary, which I call Magic.

Next blog….Simple steps you can take to make your life extraordinary.


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