Money Flow Office Makeover

Have you ever felt frustrated because you work hard, but the money still doesn’t seem to be flowing into your business no matter how hard you try? Are you feeling  ashamed about not being financially where you thought you should be after all you’ve done?

I’ll bet, like many entrepreneurs, your money may be stretched so thin that often there never seems to be enough left over to travel or enjoy your life. Living with a financial shortage may even be causing you a great deal of stress with sleepless nights of worry and fear.

Now you can shift your money concerns, stand on your own two feet and create financial stability in your life by enhancing the flow of energy in your office so you can attract more money.

Did you know that simply placing your desk in the “power position” of your office will make a tremendous difference in your business endeavors?

In this online Zoom group class we’ll spend 60 minutes together. You will not only learn about your own office, you will see examples of the differences it has made for others and what they did to shift their energy around their money flow challenges.

Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover27.00 USDMoney Flow Freedom Office Makeover


I realize this may sound simple but the simplicity of it makes a dramatic difference in the future of your business income. Together we’ll walk through the important steps of money flow freedom with an office makeover that will shift your business and your life.

After this class you will no longer feel undervalued or stuck in your business. Don’t let fear be your power source. Let’s work together to get control of your money flow. This is an easy yes for the relief of stress.

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Be aware that the class has limited seating.6

What clients are saying about Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover classes:

Here’s a candid video of a participant in one of Dot's Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover classes. This 60 minute class shifted Rhonda’s attitude towards her business and inspired her to make changes. Rhonda volunteered to share her experience.
Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover 27.00 USD Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover
Notice the changes Rhonda made in her office. Does the space feel different to you? For Rhonda the results were amazing. In her words, “Because of Dot’s class I feel lighter, more focused, and excited to connect with my clients and work in my office.”  If you want immediate results like Rhonda sign up NOW.

April 26th, 2018 ~ 12pm- 1:30 pm PST

Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover 27.00 USD Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover

What if rearranging your office could shift your energy, move you forward and increase your cash flow? By saying “Yes,” you are on the road to business success. Peace of mind and financial freedom are waiting for you. 

In this LIVE interactive 60 min class you will…

  • Discover the message your office is sending to others
  • Discover the desk’s power position for increasing money flow. 
  • Discover three secrets for improving cash flow
Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover 27.00 USD Money Flow Freedom Office Makeover


No one in this video was compensated or coached. Results not typical. By law we do not and cannot guarantee your experience or results will be the same. Obviously, your results in life are up to you. What we DO guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your training. If you are not, for any reason, 100% satisfied, then just ask for your money back and we’ll give you a hassle-free refund.