Moving Energy to Make More Money

Have you ever felt frustrated because you work really hard, but the money still doesn’t seem to be flowing into your business? In fact, it may be stretched so thin that there is never enough left over for you to travel or enjoy your life.

Living with a financial shortage causes a tremendous amount of stress, sleepless nights, worry, and fear.

Now you can shift your money concerns, stand on your own two feet and create financial stability in your life by standing back and looking deeply into your office energy flow.

The pictures below tell a story about my client’s business. In the picture on the left, Rachel’s business was the best kept secret in town because she was literally hiding in a corner. When she moved her desk to a more commanding position in the makeover picture on the right, clients called to make appointments and paid for her services. Money began flowing into her bank account.


Shift from hiding to being seen like my client Rachael

What if you could to learn how to shift the energy in your work space to make more money like this client. If you want more money to do the things you love register for my next 4 week seminar.

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In this seminar we will walk through the important steps of money flow freedom with an office makeover that will make a big difference in your business and your life. After thisclass you will no longer feel undervalued or stuck in your business. Don’t let fear be your power source. Let’s work together to get control of your money flow.


In this Office Makeover Deep Dive seminar, you will:

  • Design your workplace to manifest your intention
  • De Clutter your office for easy breathing
  • Activate Energy in your Work Space to increase money flow
  • Participate in 4 Live 60-minute zoom classes
  • Experience community interaction and accountability
  • Receive a Bonus Ritual, Mastermind and Q & A session

Next scheduled class to be announced

"After Dot’s seminar I immediately started moving things around, getting rid of things that no longer spoke to me, and adding in one or two things to support me. My office looks great and feels great! Best of all I feel aligned to attend to clients both in person and online. I look forward to a BONANZA... increasing wealth and ever-increasing profit. Thank you, Dot, for your class, it came at the right."
Linda wells

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4 LIVE 60-minute Zoom Classes
Community Interaction and Accountability
Bonus Class: Mastermind withQ & A and a surprise Ritual
Recorded replays will be provided

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*Disclaimer: No one in this video was compensated or coached. Results not typical. By law we do not and cannot guarantee your experience or results will be the same. Obviously, your results in life are up to you. What we DO guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your training. If you are not, for any reason, 100% satisfied, then just ask for your money back and we’ll give you a hassle-free refund.