Magic of Ritual


Magic of Ritual

I want to take a moment to celebrate you! I believe that you’re committed to making a shift and that you’re ready to embrace change. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t.

What practices light you up, give your life meaning, help you get out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face?

I’ve been sharing how ritual helps me connect with my inner wisdom whether in my home by myself or with a tribe of heart centered women. The vibration of sound through song, toning, bells, chimes or drums raise my energy and resonate into the universal consciousness. That is part of the magic of ritual for me.

I frequently use the vibration of the drum because many indigenous cultures used drumming to release evil spirits and sickness from the body as well as their environment. Drumming is an essential tool in my ceremonies because sound has the power to break up stuck energy and ground new ideas. Sound vibrates a message to our Divine; with open hearts we receive those blessings.

So how can you go from habitual rituals to conscious intentional practices that connect you with your inner wisdom? Do you have a ritual for staying positive or do you get stuck in negativity?

Perhaps you’re ready to start a new ritual that supports success.

Grab a journal, or better yet decorate the cover of a composition notebook with stickers and your name. If you are an artist, create your own design. Choose one of the following for your new daily practice.

Every day:

Write down what you are grateful for
At night, review the day, journal with the intention of releasing negative stories.
Stream of Consciousness Journaling, unedited reflections
Record your dreams upon awaking (Dream Journaling)

Pick one and stick with it for at least 27 days because these practices force us to stop what we are doing, pay attention to and listen to the sacred within.

How about adding some comments on your success so we can support each other in our souls journey……

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