From Fear to Fearless…

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From Fear to Fearless

You know how sometimes you feel uninspired, maybe a little stuck in your familiar routine that you forget to smell the roses. Well this morning I was called to sit in the morning sun and allow the rays to penetrate into my soul. My pen took over.

“Wake up you sleepy head. Your soul is calling. Calling to be seen. Calling to be heard. What is it that you are hiding from? You’ve been stuck in the cocoon phase long enough. It was only meant to be temporary. You are a vibrant woman. Awaken your courageous spirit. Be fearless, adventurous and get ready for flight. It is time to be the butterfly.”

Wow! What a message. How many of you feel stuck, life sucks? The same old same old stuff keeps rolling around your head and your body doesn’t want to move due to lack of energy. Well maybe your stinking thinking needs an adjustment.

Take some time in nature today. Soak in the beauty…it is a reflection of the beauty within. If we let nature be our teacher it has the power to transform our obstacles into blessings.

Like when my son died, I created a spirit garden in his memory. When I started the garden I didn’t know it was for him I just needed to vent my feelings, I dug out the sod and weeds with vengeance as I was releasing my anger. I shaped and reshaped the design as I explored all angles of death and dying. I wanted answers. This wasn’t supposed to be happening to me.

In being courageous and facing my fears the fertile earth helped my perspective change. My focus shifted from why me to why not me? Jim’s death gave me a voice.

What obstacles would you like to transform so you can come out of hiding? Now is the time. Be courageous and soar.

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