Energy Clearing

Are you feeling stuck or trapped? Are you resisting changing because you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the future.
Maybe your home or office environment is holding you back. Negative thoughts and physical clutter can affect your well-being? Thought patterns, which I call unseen energies can linger in our body, home and work space. These seen and unseen energies have the power to lift us up or drain our energy. Which do you prefer?
Get ready to jumpstart movement towards a more positive, peaceful, happy you.

Home Energy Clearing

Change the energy of your living space and change your life. Negative energy and clutter hold us hostage to the past. After a space clearing session expect to feel lighter, energized and compelled to take action.
Here a few situations that could benefit from a space clearing:

If you can relate to even one of these life challenges contact your Medicine Woman NOW!

“After four months with no offers I hired Dot. Once she cleared the energy, I felt calmer and my home SOLD quickly. I plan to have Dot clear and bless our new home.”
Angela K

Because feelings are alive, clearing stagnant emotions is one of the treatments that recovers the attractiveness, peace and happiness of a home and attracts potential buyers.

Office Energy Clearing

If you are struggling to make ends meet financially and not loving your work, maybe your home office and business office need a facelift and rearranging for success.
Maybe you’re feeling out of control around money and business. If so find the power position in your office right now. Move your desk to that spot and see how it feels. If you don’t know where the command position is; ask Dot.
What if you had:

If this is your desire and you are ready to take action….

Virtual and on-site office clearings.

"I’m an author and was having difficulty working in my Home Office. Dot rearranged my desk to be in the command position. I immediately I felt a difference. Our clearing ritual was an awesome experience. I’m spending almost all my time in my office feeling much more inspired and at ease.”
Shirley H

Your Home has a Story

Feng Shui for Prosperity

What is the story your dwelling is telling? The health of your physical environment is the key to your entire well-being. “You are where you live.”
Maybe you have missing pieces in the shape of your home that could be causing health challenges, poor money flow or unhealthy relationships?
There is a solution. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement; the relationship between your energy and that of your environment.
With Feng Shui you change energy patterns in your space which in turn change the energy patterns in you.
Your home is a mirror of who you are and who you are becoming. Why not turn up the volume and energize your true desires? Your home is ready to support your dreams with a virtual reading.
Virtual and on-site home readings

“I was searching for a job with no luck. Days after Dot had cleared the energy of my space and I made the recommended changes, I received several interviews and offers. I accepted a job offer and am happy with my new work. I am convinced that Feng Shui works, and Dot can facilitate desired changes in one’s reality.”
Taj B.

For any questions and concerns, please contact Dot.