Body Wellness

Self-Care for Aging Young and Vibrant Living

For many of us, Wellness is the first and most frequent doorway to living young. Ignored stress and pain, combined with women’s tendencies to care for others before themselves frequently cause our bodies to respond with illness.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health start here so you can begin intentional, purposeful, ageless living.

Healing Massage

Sacred touch is essential for aging young. It is a Self-care remedy for dealing with everyday stresses. As busy women we often neglect ourselves. I say nurture yourself first so you can be present to serve others.
Your body holds memories which often cause pain. With Dot’s gifted touch and healing energy, her hands encourage your body to release physical, emotional and spiritual pain. She guides you in coming “Home” to yourself.
Imagine smelling the fragrance of essential oils while being nurtured with the sacred touch of massage.
You will feel:

Enjoy a Spa Retreat without having to pack or travel.

San Francisco area.

“Dot has helped me many times with physical body pain. I fell and fractured my ankle; I couldn’t move my shoulder without extreme pain. In both cases, she relieved my pain and my body healed quickly.”
Jolen P

Is stress weighing you down and making you feel old? What if there is a drug free way to improve your quality of life enhance good blood flow, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy. Would you be interested in learning how?

Light and sound therapy with the PSiO Glasses enhances success with your business and personal goals.
The recent combination of light and sound therapy in one device, the PSiO, relaxes your mind and body into deeper states of meditation.
This new technology helps reduce mind chatter, enhances more peaceful sleep, builds confidence and can even reduce sugar cravings.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Aromatic scents quiet your mind and energetically balance your body and spirit. Essential oils are a non-pharmaceutical non-toxic approach to wellness.
Essential oils are wonderfully effective for supporting a wide range of physical and emotional health goals.
Essential oils can be used for:

Why not smell good and feel good at the same time.

If you have any questions, contact Dot.