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As Jane Fonda would say, I’m half way through my” third act” of life and have more vitality and radiance than I had in my 40′s. I open my medicine bag each morning and search for the magical solution I need  for the day to rejuvenate and energize my body, mind and spirit. I’m then ready with an open heart to be present to others as a healer, educator and therapist. I listen with my hands and heart.

What does your heart want, need and desire?

How can I serve you?

I see value and meaning in every life experience.  I have an amazing name.  Dorothy means “of God” and Claire means “light.”  I’m living my purpose when I am a vessel or channel of the “light of God” or Spirit. How cool is that! It has taken many decades to grow into my birth name.

As the alchemist archetype, I magically create beauty and harmony out of the ordinary. I have learned to weave my gifts of nursing, aromatherapy, healing touch, grief facilitation, healing ceremonies and supportive sacred environments into a tapestry that embodies joyful living. My medicine bag is overflowing with self discovery solutions on how to age gracefully and shift hardships into blessings.

I believe our living space is sacred.  It is a TEMPLE that nourishes the beauty of YOU and me. When intentionally arranged our space supports us to become who you were meant to be, to passionately live our purpose.

Clearing ceremonies and home blessings are ways to honor our journey, ways to celebrate endings and beginnings so transformation can magically happen.

The acknowledged valleys of struggle become the gifts of hope and light to others.

When my son died I thought my heart would never mend. Clearing ceremonies and celebrations helped me dip fully into my grief and transform my pain into a blessing.

Through speaking engagements, seminars and coaching, I passionately support women Baby Boomers to identify  their goals, release clutter and rearrange furnishings to nourish their Inner Wisdom.  You can age young, be vibrant, and sassy by living on fire from the inside out.