“The little companion of your mind.”
This innovative technology stimulates and relaxes the mind and body with Light and Sound Therapy. The PSiO is truly a functional alternative to sleeping pills, antidepressants and anxiety drugs,” says Stephane Domonceau. Founder of PSiO

Are you or someone you know suffering from sleep deprivation, fatigue low energy or foggy brain?

“I'm an international world traveler. The easy to use programs with PSiO assures me no suffering from jet lag! The “Wake Up” program keeps me alert and focused, even when I haven’t had much sleep. ”
Lorraine P
What if wearing the PSiO glasses a few minutes a day induced real improvements in your daily life:
  • Deepened meditation creating inner peace
  • Increased spiritual connection
  • Clarity of mind and focus
  • Overcome anxiety and stress
  • Managing weight

NASA has purchased the PSiO glasses to test the effectiveness in managing stress and regulating jet lag. Lack of sleep and the stress of being in space with time zone changes are a major health challenge for astronauts.

Schedule your 40 minute complementary session with Dot and try this amazing technology.
Dot Claire, PSiO Ambassador

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